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I'm Simon Skoczylas

Software engineer, lateral thinker and passionate web developer

Software engineering and architecture


This is the discipline I'm most specialized in. That's the part of software engineering I . Since I was a tiny tot, I was fascinated by programming languages. That's why i started programming in BASIC at the age of six.


Requirements are a fundamental, as insufficient requirements drive up costs. Even though requirements analysis, specification and management are not the main part of my daily work I already gained plenty of experience in these disciplines.


I've collected lots of experience in the maintenance of systems and creation of patches in multiple projects. That's why I like the culture of DevOps and I'm intrested in continuous integration (CI), test automation and continuous delivery (CD) to harden and speed up the release process.


Beside the documenation of source code, the documenation of software and systems is an important part. I'm familar with the arc42 ressources for software architects and I already wrote documenation for software based on the arc42 template.

Design patterns

I'm not part of the "Gang of four" sentiment_very_satisfied, but in the projects I realized as a software developer, I gained experience in the usage and implementation of different patterns.

Skills to pay the bills


I'm creating software and web applications with Java for more then 10 years so far. I've started with Java ME for embedded systems and creating Java EE applications. I am interessted in Android development. I'm very excited about MicroProfile.


As a web developer I am familar with Javascript, since it's the one and only way to get things done in the front end . Even I'm using JQuery a lot, I'm aware of vanilla Javascript. I'm intrested in React and Angular 2.


I like Node.js so much. Because I'm familar with Javascript in the front end, I was really excited as I discovered Node.js. It's so cool to use Javascript in the back end.


With the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities in mind, and the awareness of threats a web application is exposded to, I'm focusing on creation and development of secure web applications.


More then 15 years ago I've uploaded my first HTML document. Since that I am addicted to HTML and CSS. It's a good and standardized way to create content and user interfaces.


HTML is a bit boring without typography and some pretty colors. I like the possiblity to separate the style definition from the markup. I'm using plain CSS and frameworks like Bootstrap and Materialize.

Last but not least

Git Vagrant Docker Kubernetes Ansible Jenkins React Polymer NPM PHP Spring Boot Android Nginx Apache HTTP Server Amazon WebServices Amazon Alexa Oracle Database

  • Interview - Die jungen Wilden: JavaLand #2 @ heise developer (2018)
  • Interview - Die jungen Wilden: JavaLand @ heise developer (2018)
  • iSAQB Software Architecture - Advanced Level Training (2017)
  • iSAQB Software Architecture - Foundation Level Training (2016)
  • Scrum Master - Training (2016)
  • enterJS (2015)
  • OPN Oracle WebCenter 11g Implementation Boot Camp Ed 1 (2012)
  • Oracle ADF Advanced Training (2012)
  • Oracle ADF Foundation Training (2012)
  • ProSyst OSGi Training (2008)


JUG Dortmund

A very good meetup next to me.
This JUG is often visited by excellent speakers.

JUG Dortmund


A lovely group of people talking about Javascript.
The meetup for the Ruhrpott.




When I'm not doing the stuff described above, I like to capture moments and landscapes with my camera. I'm trying to increase my skills with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. A few years ago I created my gallery at


I to hike in the alps. Because of my first hobby my backback is often rather full of photography equipment then of stuff necessary for hiking sentiment_very_satisfied.