On this page you will find talks I was able to present in the last years. Feel free to read the slides.

2018: Progressive Web Apps

This talk introduces the Progressive Web Apps with Manifest & Service Worker API

Table of contents
  • What's a PWA?
  • When to use
  • Steps to PWA
  • Web App Manifest
  • Service Worker API
  • Tools
  • PWA Checklists
2016: Introduction to Dropwizard

This talk introduces the Dropwizard framework and the main components used to create a web application.

Table of contents
  • What's a Dropwizard?
  • Best-of-breed Java libraries
  • Main components
  • Configuration
  • Application
  • Representation
  • Resource
  • Health check
  • Running your application
2016: It's all about Node.js

This talk illustrates the history of Node.js, describing the instllation and configuration, even on Windows. It also describes the avilable tools and frameworks you could use currently.

Table of contents
  • Motivation
  • Node.js Facts & History
  • Documentation
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Tools/Frameworks
2015: JavaScript, past 'til present

This talk describes why you should bother about Javascript and why you should start using it, even for back-end business logic with Node.js. Futhermore it shows some new features of ECMAScript 6.

Table of contents
  • Motivation
  • JavaScript usage
  • ECMAScript 6
  • Node.js